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31 Days of Wisdom

We all know how important physical training is in the world of sports, but spiritual training strengthens our faith and develops “spiritual muscle”. On November 3, we will launch our second bible reading plan with the students in Proverbs, the book of wisdom. We will read a chapter a day, concluding on December 8. Check out the reading plan below and follow along with us!

TCU FCA Night of Champions Banquet

TCU FCA had a fantastic banquet this April! Click below for more banquet pictures and information.

College Advance

Every year in February, TCU FCA takes student athletes to a retreat with over 500 other student athletes from across the state of Texas.

2017 FCA College Advance

We had an amazing time at
College Advance!
Click below to see pictures
And read testimonies

  • Chauncey Franks
    Chauncey Franks Character Coach
  • Coleman Maxwell
    Coleman Maxwell Character Coach
  • Natalie Wall
    Natalie Wall Character Coach

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